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Testing and quality assurance

Testing and quality assurance

A solution that is to lead to sustainably good results must suit you perfectly. We gladly support you in defining and evaluating testing and quality assurance processes according to established model approaches.

Testing is particularly important in complex project situations. Here it is especially important to be familiar with interdisciplinary organizational forms, quality-based management mechanisms and special jargon. To plan and manage IT quality under cost-benefit aspects, sound methodological knowledge is just as essential as risk-oriented processes and the consideration of economic aspects.

Test management also means professionally handling errors and failures. Tact and excellent social skills are needed to adequately respond in critical situations where quality or deadlines are at stake.

Building on structured and efficient processes as part of a well functioning application life cycle ensures goodwill and establishes well-founded trust in the quality of IT services. The foundations for this quality are laid well ahead of the actual implementation. A company’s attitude towards quality guidelines, standards and norms has a significant impact on which processes are utilized—and thus influences the entire organization. At its core, it is about dealing with requirements and their verification and validation in the software development process to analyze quality expectations and ensure they are consistently met. We support you in identifying and achieving these quality targets.

With our approach we ensure a systematic and disciplined procedure along the entire value chain of IT products and projects. We offer the following services relating to testing and quality assurance:

  • preparing applicable quality guidelines and models
  • applying and establishing IT standards and methods
  • planning and implementing IT organizational structures
  • creating and implementing IT governance models
  • creating guidelines and conceptual frameworks
  • creating IT application documentation
  • planning and applying framework-controlled IT processes
  • developing test strategies and concepts
  • performing and implementing test procedures and automation
  • selecting and introducing tools
  • planning and managing tests
  • planning and implementing IT application operations
  • evaluating and improving processes
  • training

Our certified consultants have extensive expertise and experience in testing and quality management. We support you in implementing quality targets and best practice. To do so, we manage the entire life cycle—from the initial requirements through to accepting the productive system.

Moreover, our business and technical experts accompany you in operational test planning as well as conceptual design, test case creation and testing.