Systemintegration for Financial Services



Through robot-assisted process automation (RPA) manual effort in banking processes can be automated. Robots can take over redundant and rule-based processes—selective integration into more complex processes is also possible. There are various benefits to RPA such as efficiency gains, quality improvements and the optimization of working conditions. Examples include interest rate prolongations, calling zero reports or technically setting up new staff members.

The findic team has experience in managing and conducting robotics projects and ensures smooth implementations in this changing environment. Our consultants have proven project management expertise, paired with in-depth hands-on business / automation expertise. Our approach consists of the following three stages:

1. As part of the potential analysis, findic provides support in the following activities:

  • Analysis of possible (pilot) processes
  • Prioritization and selection of processes using practice-proven metrics
  • Creation of business cases

2. As part of the conceptual design and implementation of the processes to be automated, findic conducts the following activities:

  • Creation of technical concepts (at process level)
  • Provision of the RPA solution
  • Systematic development and testing of processes
  • Know-how transfer to the institution  

3. As part of the further integration and realization, findic ensures the following activities:

  • Inclusion of RPA in the institution’s governance
  • Regulated transfer of the processes into the line organization